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Melman, Israel J., 82, on July 7, 2002 .

He will be remembered for his good deeds. He was a giant among men. Of Tamarac, Florida, previously of Lexington, Ma. and New York. A pioneer in the many electronic developments of the 20th century. During WW2 he was a radar instructor at Yale and at Scott Field, Illinois, where he taught the new radar technology to officers and pilots. Following the war, he helped develop color television and was on the Federal Color Television Standards Commission. He was a senior member ofthe IEEE. In the fifties he worked with infrared technologies, crucial to the nascent space program and its satellite navigation systems. In the sixties he was instrumental in developing facsimile transmission technology. In the seventies and eighties he was a pioneer in information technologies and computer infomatics, later becoming the internet. He helped many technology entrepreneurs as their mentor and advisor. He was a man of few wasted words, placing a premium on strict ethics, rigorous thought, generosity and kindness. He was reared in the discipline of musar by his father, Rabbi Jacob Melman, z"l, a musmach of the Mir Yeshiva in Mir and a leader in the "pre-war" NY Jewish community, and who was also a personal friend of the Chafetz Chaim. He valued and loved his family.

Reb Shlomo with Reb Zusha ben Avraham Zimmerman

Reb Shlomo with Reb Zusha ben Avraham Zimmerman

What mind is it?

"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
-Eleanor Roosevelt


"If you believe that you can damage, then believe that you can fix..... If you believe that you can harm, then believe that you can heal..........." Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

- anonymous
"Perhaps the greatest force in the entire universe is compounded interest."

- Albert Einstein
When I was young I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.- Abraham Joshua Heschel
The whole world is a very narrow bridge. And the most important thing is to not be afraid.
-Rebbe Nachman of Breslov
"The greatest thing in the world is to do somebody else a favor." - Aish Kodesh
"As you want G*d to give you a chance, give everyone else a chance to also begin again." - Shlomo Carlebach

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I played violin with Reb Shlomo and studied under him for over nine years at hundreds of concerts and learnings. Shlomo wanted to give me smicha before he passed. Deepest influences: My father,obm, who was a great scientist and human being, and my grandfather, obm, who was a great Torah scholar who was a musmach of the Mir Yeshiva and taught in Slobodka in Russia before WW1, and was also personal friends with the Chafetz Chaim and came to America in 1914. He knew the Talmud by heart! You could stick a pin in a word and he could tell you what word was on the other side! And my mother, Esther bat Baruch, z"l, who was a scholar of classical Hebrew and Tanach and who gave me a love for the language. And her mother, Anna (Sucher) Deutsch, who was born in Horodenka, spoke six languages, and shared her aged wisdom and eternal sweetness with me. I studied at Brandeis, Hebrew College, Pardes as well as seven years at The Metivta/ITJ earning my Advanced Semicha (yoreh yoreh)under Rav Halivni. What's truly amazing is that Shlomo and Rav Halivni each received semicha from Rav Hutner! But my deepest influences of them all are my sweetest sweetest girls who have taught me the most!